KEYENCE's inkjet printer has easily replaceable parts to decrease downtime

Universal Inkjet Printer
MK-U6000 Series

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Problems of conventional inkjet printers

  • Too complicated for users to replace some parts themselves.
  • A technician from the manufacturer needs to be called in.
  • Travel expenses are incurred and the running cost increases.
  • The line is suspended until the technician arrives.

Our new inkjet printer is even better than the last one!

One-touch nozzle replacement

The main cause of problems with inkjet printers is clogging of the nozzle. With the MK-U Series, the nozzle can be replaced without using any tools. This reduces downtime in the event that a nozzle replacement is required.

The line suspension time is minimized!

Parts replacement is also easily navigated

Consumable parts such as filters and pumps that require periodic replacement can all be replaced without using a user’s manual or tools. The user needs only to follow the illustrated instructions that are outlined in the software, so replacements can be performed easily and accurately even by users who have never performed these operations before.

First-time part replacement with peace of mind!

Download the catalog for details on a variety of
available functions.


MK-U Series Ink-jet Printer, which can be easily used even for the first time

MK-U Series Ink-jet Printer, which can be easily used even for the first time

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