KEYENCE's inkjet printer leads the industry with its guided directions and easy-to-use graphical interface

Universal Inkjet Printer
MK-U6000 Series

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Problems of conventional inkjet printers

  • Users must read a user's manual.
  • Prior experience with printers is vital.

Our new inkjet printer is even better than the last one!

No manual required

If an error occurs, the steps to resolve it (workflow) are clearly displayed on the touch panel. Even for previously unseen errors, smooth and accurate maintenance can now be performed without requiring any time, effort, or worrying about the troubleshooting procedure.

Workflow is displayed!

No prior experience necessary

Consumable parts such as filters and pumps that require replacements can all be replaced without using a user's manual or tools. The user needs only to follow the illustrated instructions that are outlined in the software, so replacements can be performed easily and accurately even by users who have never performed these operations before.

The procedure is illustrated!

  • Easy maintenance reduces line stoppages to an absolute minimum.
  • increasing productivity!

Download the catalog for details on a variety of
available functions.


MK-U Series Ink-jet Printer, which can be easily used even for the first time

MK-U Series Ink-jet Printer, which can be easily used even for the first time

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