KEYENCE's inkjet system has built-in OCR vision inspection to confirm that every printed mark is present and legible

Universal Inkjet Printer
MK-U6000 Series

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Problems of conventional inkjet printers

  • The printer and inspection devices are independent entities
    that are linked with a control device such as a PLC.
  • Character inspection requires multiple steps including setting
    communication settings and registering fonts.

Our new inkjet printer is even better than the last one!

Direct linking between the printer and inspection machine

The MK-U and CV-X can be linked by simply connecting them with a single LAN cable.
When the setting number or message is switched on the MK-U, the inspection settings on the CV-X are switched automatically.

Connect with only a single LAN cable!

Batch operation is possible from a single panel

The MK-U touch panel can be used to perform all CV-X operations. There is no need to prepare a separate monitor. The OCR dictionary has been prepared in advance with the MK-U's specialized fonts, so no further font registration is required after installation.

Batch operation makes setup easier!

  • MK-U Series
  • &
  • CV-X Series
  • Print inspection can be introduced with ease.

Download the catalog for details on a variety of
available functions.


Implement print inspection effortlessly with the MK-U Series

Implement print inspection effortlessly with the MK-U Series

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