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Make it Yourself! Create Custom Handheld Mobile Computer Applications, No Programming Required!

Typical integration of new handheld mobile computers has a large overhead in time and development costs. The Application Design Tool eliminates the difficulty of implementing a mobile computing solution.

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[INVENTORY] Easily check, count, and compare actual inventory items to your database ensuring your system and storage are in-sync. [WAREHOUSING] Collect and manage warehousing and delivery data ("what", "when", "how many", etc.) for materials, parts, products, and more. [PICKING] For fulfilling work orders, purchase requests, or before starting a process, the picking application can help ensure the appropriate item is selected and used.
[POKA-YOKE] Prevent errors and increase assembly accuracies by causing workers to verify, or confirm, their work. [RECORD] Collect and manage production process data ("who", "what task", "where", "when", etc.) in order to track product and increase output.
With the BT Application Design Tool, anyone can develop custom applications. By building on templates created from years of industry experience, you can make a dedicated application for your company's needs.
  • NO NEED FOR TEDIOUS PROGRAMMING MAKE IT YOURSELF / [MAKE IT YOURSELF] Applications are easy to create with no programming experience required. [MAKE IT AT LOW COST] In-house development reduces overall cost. [MAKE IT QUICKLY] With templates, development can be completed in a short time.
  • With the use of prepared templates, full applications can be created in as little as 5 minutes. All you need to do is customize the template to fit the task at hand! / [SELECT] Select a BT-W model and template. [CUSTOMIZE] Intuitively configure screens and operations. [DEPLOY] Transfer the application to the BT-W Series.

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