• 3D CAD Comparison

    • 360-degree, non-contact measurement
    • Easy-to-use, place-and-measure operation
    • Guaranteed measurement accuracy
    • Compare directly to CAD 
  • Full 360-degree measurement

    Scan an object from any angle to generate a complete 360-degree image with just the click of a button. Once an object has been scanned, numerous measurements and comparative analytics can be done.

  • Guaranteed measurement accuracy

    The VL Series 3D Scanner CMM incorporates a new scanning method to provide high-accuracy measurements even of detailed shapes and features with 2 micron repeatability. Each system includes documentation regarding the certification process, inspection reports, and traceability system.

  • Place-and-measure operation

    Objects can be scanned directly on a motorized stage without the need for any fixtures - simply place the part on the stage and press a button. An intuitive software interface makes 3D measurement easy for anyone to perform.

  • Compare directly to CAD

    Clearly understand how a manufactured part compares to the design file by overlaying them. Differences in height are displayed using changes in color so that users can quickly see how and where a part varies in shape.

  • 3D Cross-Sectional Measurement

    Create a cross-section of a 3D shape to perform detailed dimensional analysis. Points can be freely set on 3D shapes, even if the reverse side or an imaginary point is used as reference.

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