3D Technology Lineup

  • Simultaneous 2D & 3D

    With Pattern Projection, you can image parts with a conventional 2D camera and get unconventional results.

    • Add stability on inspections with height data
    • Multifunctional light with other modes
      (ex: LumiTrax)
    • Two size options to fit your inspection areas:
           Small: 125mm 4.92" 
           Large: 250mm

  • 2D/3D Inspection & Fine Measurement

    With the XT, accurate dimensional data is gathered with the use of advanced lighting and telecentric lensing to enable precise inspections in all dimensions. 

    • Up to 60mm 2.36" field of view with nearly 9MP
    • 1 µm 0.039 thou repeatability in x, y, z
    • Fast image capture with 0.6 sec stop time

  • Automated Bin Picking & Path Planning

    With the RB, automatic bin picking has never been easier because of superior 3D imaging, automatic path planning, and picking simulation.

    • Pick from bins and pallets up to 1.26m x 1.26m x 1m ~(50" x 50" x 40")
    • Test the program, gripper, and cell layout with Simulator before any physical setup
    • Ease of use for all experience levels

  • Example Applications:

    • Confirming part presence and assembly
    • Detecting foreign particles in medical applications
    • Confirming proper seating and height detection, even with low contrast

    • Example Applications:

      • True pin position and height measurement on connectors
      • Bead and weld inspection on automotive parts
      • Accurate measurement and fine inspection such as electronics

    • Example Applications:

      • Bin picking (replaces manual unloading or bowl feeders)
      • Unloading parts from pallets, up to a standard 48"x40" pallet
      • Robotic assembly, material handling, and de-palletizing


    XG-X Series Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection Image Processing System Catalog

    XG-X Series Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection Image Processing System Catalog
    • [File type]PDF:7.35MB

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