3D Machine Vision Technology

Over the past few years, 3D machine vision has rapidly gained popularity in manufacturing - and for good reason. 3D vision provides a robust solution for inspection and measurement where 2D data has fallen short due to misalignment, glare, or lack of contrast.

There are a few technologies used to create 3D images for inline inspection, but the two most common are pattern projection using structured light and laser profilers. The best 3D vision system for an application will depend on many factors including line speed, part size, or accuracy requirements. Below is some information to get you started, but if you have any questions you can request a free consultation with a local vision expert.

  • Pattern Projection

    Pattern Projection generates 3D images by projecting and capturing a series of striped patterns. Because several images are taken, the part must be fully stopped during the capture process.

    • Part must be stopped during imaging
    • Inspect features and tolerances > 0.1mm
    • Typically lower cost 3D solution

  • Laser Profilers

    Perform 3D inspection by scanning over a target with a laser profiler. This technology is ideal for continuous processes or in locations where the target can be moved relative to the sensor. 

    • Relative Motion Required
    • Pre-calibrated for High Accuracy
    • Compatible with Any Target Material

  • Assembly Inspection

  • Golden Part Comparison

  • OCR and Character Depth

  • 360° Inspection