KEYENCE Logistics Solutions

  • BT-A700 Android 11 Mobile Computer

    Instant reading from 1 inch to 30 feet away

    Powered by Android 11, the BT-A700 is perfect for mobile logistics and warehousing operations.  

    Full range reading, ergonomic design, and the largest in-class touch screen makes the BT-A700 an incredibly user-friendly device to use.

    Built-in enterprise software keeps the device secure and helps make setup and management easy.

  • SR-5000 Series Logistics Code Reader

    Read packages of any size, speed, or shape

    The SR-5000 Series is the next level in logistics code reading. 

    With a high resolution CMOS and advanced decoding algorithms, the SR-5000 Series can handle conveyors of any width with packages of any speed and varying shapes, all with 1 reader per side.


BT-A700 Series Handheld Computer Catalog

BT-A700 Series Handheld Computer Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:4.41MB

SR-5000 Series Logistics Code Reader Catalog

SR-5000 Series Logistics Code Reader Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:7.73MB

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