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    IM 7000 Series: Instant Measurement System
    • This benchtop, optical inspection system has a small footprint and sturdy frame giving operators access to a unit that is capable of measuring hundreds of critical dimensions in seconds, anywhere in your facility!

  • What is the Instant Measurement System?

    An optical based inspection system that is capable of measuring hundreds of critical dimensions in seconds. Housing built in automated reporting, the system provides operators real-time information in regards to their QA processes. It is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use to use system setting the standard for inspection technology.

  • Why do customers use the IM Series?

    The IM Series boasts a small foot print allowing it to be accessible to all operators. With its easy-to-use software anyone can achieve accurate, repeatable measurements anywhere in your facility. Whether it be on the shop floor or within a QA lab, the Instant Measurement System can be used regardless of the operator's experience with inspection equipment.

For more information please download the brochure.

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