SZ-V CIP Safety Laser Scanner

Reduced Cost & Wiring

  • Series Connection & Dual Zone Control

    Utilize SZ-V's CIP safe protocol to save time and money:
    • Eliminate unnecessary wiring by transmitting all safety signals over the CIP network.
    • Monitor and control two zones with one scanner head.
    • Series connect scanners to minimize footprint and costs.

Easily Accessible Information

  • Detachable and Detailed Display

    Quickly and Easily Check the Following:
    • IP Settings
    • IP Address
    • MAC Address

SZ-V Features & Benefits

  • Built-in Camera

    Installation is now easier than ever with built-in cameras, available on specific models, to not only show what the scanner sees but also the actual detection plane.

  • Detection History

    The Detection History feature allows SZ-V users to clearly visualize WHEN, WHERE, and for HOW LONG detections are occurring.

  • Superior Detection Stability

    The innovative Intensity Comparison Algorithm (I.C.A.) allows the scanner to analyze the amount of light returned to stably differentiate between people/objects and dust or mist.


SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner Catalog

SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner Catalog
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