Discontinuation of CV-X100 Series Vision System Controllers

Dear Valued Customers,

This notice is to inform you that KEYENCE will be discontinuing production of the products listed below. We greatly appreciate your loyalty to our products and hope that you will continue to use KEYENCE in the future. Details including recommended replacements and last order date can be found below.

1. Discontinued models: All CV-X100 Series Vision Controllers:

CV-X102F(P), CV-X152F(P), CV-X172F(P), CV-X102A(P), CV-X152A(P), CV-X172A(P)

CV-X102M(P), CV-X152M(P), CV-X172M(P), CV-X100R(P), CV-X150R(P), CV-X170R(P)

2. Last date to order*: August 31, 2020

*If current stock runs out prior to the last day to order, no additional product will be manufactured and sales of the item will be ended.

3. Completion date of shipment: September 30, 2020

4. Maintenance and repair service period: Until September 30, 2025

*Please note that we may not be able to send you a replacement of your unrepairable broken unit even during the service period above.

5. Replacement model: CV-X300 Vision Controllers

6. Inquiry : Please contact your nearest sales office for more details on the discontinuation and available recommended replacement model.

CV-X100 Series Replacement Options

CV-X102A/CV-X102F/CV-X102AP/CV-X102FP >> CV-X302A/CV-X302F
CV-X152A/CV-X152F/CV-X152AP/CV-X152FP >> CV-X322A/CV-X322F
CV-X172A/CV-X172F/CV-X172AP/CV-X172FP >> CV-X352A/CV-X352F

Most existing cameras, cables, and illumination products are compatible with CV-X300 Series controllers; however, CV-X100 Series camera expansion modules and lighting controllers are not compatible with the CV-X300 series and will need to be replaced with new modules compatible with the CV-X300 vision system controllers.

CV-E500 Camera Expansion Module >> CA-E100
CA-DC21E LED Lighting Controller >> CA-DC40E
CA-DC30E LED Lighting Controller >> CA-DC30E

Contact KEYENCE vision support for any questions.