• KEYENCE LumiTrax™
    CV-X400 Series 
    Vision System

    • BRAND NEW! LumiTrax Tuning chooses the optimal settings for your inspection by simply taking an image and choosing the application type!

    • Detect features and inspect for flaws with little to no contrast on the surface of your target with LumiTrax Shape Image

    • Eliminate glare and hot spots on shiny or metallic parts with LumiTrax Texture Image

    • Replace up to 80% of traditional front lighting techniques with LumiTrax and eliminate common vision system difficulties such as getting a stable image 

    LumiTrax is a combination of high-speed cameras, intelligent directional lighting, and processing algorithms to create multiple images for vision inspection that could not be done with traditional lighting techniques.


    To achieve stable lighting with any front lit vision application as well as inspect 3 dimensional features/flaws on the part surface and eliminate glare on metallic or shiny targets.