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  • Thickness measurement – ultra-fast and highly accurate

    • High sampling speeds of up to 392 kHz enable high measurement point density even at high belt speeds
    • Non-contact thickness measurement with two laser triangulation sensors unaffected by belt vibrations
    • Direct offsetting of multiple measurement points makes analysis easy for you
    • Can be used as a traversing thickness measurement or fixed multi-track measurement
  • Applications for thickness measurement are wide-ranging: in addition to measuring overall coating thickness or specific wet coating thicknesses, glass and sheet metal thickness measurements can also be carried out. If you select a system which is inadequate for your requirements, the consequences can be insufficient accuracy or even completely wrong measurements. Download our guide to thickness measurement to find the right system for you.

  • Many customers regard us as the gold standard in double sheet detection for punching and press machines. High stability, even on glossy and oily surfaces, and high measurement speed when feeding the press are decisive factors here.

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