Digital Microscope & Surface Measurement Systems

KEYENCE offers a full lineup of microscope and surface measurement systems. Our products enable customers to perform complete analysis and inspection on their parts.

  • VHX-7000
    Digital Microscope

    The World's First 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope!

    • 20x Larger Depth-of-Field
    • High Definition 4K Imaging
    • Automatic 20x to 6000x Magnification
    • XYZ Fully-Automated System

  • VR-5000
    3D Optical Profiler

    Form, Contour, and Roughness in 1 Second!

    • Detect 1 Micron Changes
    • Quantify Flatness/Warpage
    • Compare to CAD
    • User-Free Measurement Configuration

  • VK-X1000
    Laser Microscope

    Fully Automated, Programmable Inspections!

    • Nanometer-Level Profile Measurements
    • Material & Shape Independent
    • Film Thickness
    • Measure Surface Roughness

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