• Electrostatic Measurement
    SK Series

    • Measure charges from 0 to 50kV
    • Monitor ionizers with optional charge-plate attachment
    • Handheld and inline models available
  • Pin-Point Measurement of Both Static Charge and Humidity

    The KEYENCE SK-series Electrostatic Sensor makes it possible to identify and diagnose problems caused by static electricity. With industry-first simultaneous measurement of humidity and static electricity, identifying potential static problem areas and implementing appropriate solutions is easy. 

    In addition, the SK-series features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and ion balance, indicating an ionizer's elimination capability. Both the charge monitor data and the electrostatic charge can be transferred to a computer via free PC software. 

Learn more about how the KEYENCE Electrostatic Meter will improve production at your facility!


SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog

SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog
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