• Electrostatic Voltmeter

    • High-accuracy measurement of charges up to 50kV
    • Monitor the performance of ionizers with optional charge-plate attachment
    • With both inline and handheld models available, measurement can easily be performed anywhere
  • Pin-Point Measurement of Both Static Charge and Humidity

    The KEYENCE SK-series Electrostatic Voltmeter makes it possible to identify and diagnose problems caused by static electricity.

    Industry-first simultaneous measurement of humidity and static electricity allows the SK-series to quickly and easily identify potential static problem areas and implement the appropriate solutions.

    In addition, the SK-series electrostatic voltmeter features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and ion balance, meaning that comparing multiple static solutions is simple. 

Learn more about how the KEYENCE Electrostatic Voltmeter will improve production at your facility!


SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog

SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog
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