• In-Line Static and Humidity Measurement

    • Measure static directly on the target
    • Easy calibration for distance from the target
    • Compact sensor head for easy installation with visible indicator
    • Separate amplifier with digital readout and simple setup
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Both Static and Humidity

    By measuring the static charge and humidity at the same time, you can more accurately identify whether a particular area is likely to have static-related problems. This helps identify optimal anti-static measures, including humidification and other procedures such as installing an ionizer.

  • High Accuracy Measurements

    The high-precision surface potential sensor mounted in our new anti-static resin allows the highest level of measuring accuracy in this model class. KEYENCE can accommodate your needs from high-precision measurements of highly charged objects, up to ±50 kV with 1 V display resolution.

  • Wire-Saving Design

    Up to eight amplifiers can be connected with the combination of a main unit and expansion units. This reduces wiring in applications that require multi-point measurements.

  • Multiple Output Options

    Standard specifications include an independent 3-output judgement system and selectable analog voltage or current. Through the use of a communication module, reading data and writing settings can be easily performed from a PLC or PC. 


SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog

SK Series Electrostatic Sensor Catalog
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