Keyence 3D Bin Picking with Kawasaki Robotics

Combine the power of your Kawasaki robot with the capability of Keyence's 3D Vision!  The Keyence RB is fully compatible with Kawasaki robots, allowing you to simply plug and play.  Utilize the Auto Calibration, Simulation, and Path Planning functions and have your system up and running in hours, not days.

Picking Simulation

Simulate your picking process from start to finish using only a cad model of your part.

Automatic Path Planning

Automatically calculates and communicates robot motions, while avoiding collisions and singularities.  

Best In Class Imaging

Four cameras are utilized with a pattern projector to minimize blind spots and create high-quality 3d images.

Download the catalog to learn more about the RB Bin Picking System

CV-X Series 3D Vision-Guided Robotics Catalog

Unmatched Detection Performance and Capability

Common applications include assembly, machine tending, palletizing, de-palletizing, kitting, machining, shot blasting, welding, and more.


CV-X Series 3D Vision-Guided Robotics Catalog

CV-X Series 3D Vision-Guided Robotics Catalog
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