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  • Measuring coplanarity and flatness

  • Measuring coplanarity and flatness
    Non-contact distance measurement at multiple measurement points

    • Non-contact object flatness measurement using height data of at least 3 points with optical laser triangulation
    • Consistent measurement with synchronous sampling using multiple sensors for measuring flatness
    • A particularly high measurement speed leads to shorter cycle times while remaining extremely accurate, regardless of color or transparency of the sample
  • KEYENCE offers a wide range of measurement methods with a flexible number of measurement points depending on the task. You can measure flatness, coplanarities, curvature or even two-dimensional height profiles. Download our technical guide to discover the inspection methods and technologies which best meet your needs.

  • More and more customers are switching from tactile to optical measurement. Why? Shorter cycle times and measurement without the risk of colliding with heavily deformed samples. Difficult-to-access measurement points can also be an argument for using laser sensors.

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