• Lathe Inspection Equipment

    IM Series
    • Shop-Floor Ready Inspection Equipment
    • Monitor Manufacturing Process in Real Time
    • Fast, Accurate and Repeatable Measurement Results
    • Automatic inspection reports

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  • How does the IM Series Work?

    Pattern recognition software identifies a parts features in order to find an appropriate edge, identify a measurement point, and complete a measurement. No need for setting up a part; Just place and press for instant measurement results.

  • Why is it a perfect complement to any lathe?

    The IM Series is a shop-floor ready, inspection system. There is no need for part set up. Any operator can place a part, push one button, and gather multiple dimensions at one time. Monitor your manufacturing process in real-time with this easy to use device.


    KEYENCE has been an industry leader in sensing technology since 1974. KEYENCE's direct sales team visits customers with live demo equipment to find the best possible solution for all applications.

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