• Linear Transducers

    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Tough & rugged construction
    • Easy to use with direct support
    • Multiple communication protocols supported, like Ethernet/IP and Profinet
  • Door Beam Deformation Check

  • Dimensional Measurement During Machining

  • Double Feed Detection

  • Board Assembly Check

  • Tough, Accurate, and Easy Linear Transducers

    Highly accurate and built to last, KEYENCE GT2-series linear transducers can be easily added to any process. With the Scale Shot System II, these linear transducers deliver the highest accuracy in their class with no tracking errors during high-speed movement. 

    The GT2-series linear transducers are also rated to last over 200 million cycles without any maintenance and boast a NEMA Type 13/IP67G environmental rating, meaning the sensors can withstand harsh manufacturing environments. 

  • GT2 Monitor Software is Available for Quick and Easy Data Analysis

Learn more about how KEYENCE linear transducers will improve production at your facility!

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