• XM Series Portable CMM

  • Portable CMM

    XM Series
    • Simplify and speed up inspections
    • Easy 3D/GD&T measurements
    • Portable and shop floor ready
    • Automatic inspection reports

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  • How does a CMM work?

    A probe is used to acquire multiple points on a workpiece surface and map their X, Y, and Z coordinates for measurement. Usually, these tools are stationary and non-mobile.

  • What makes the XM Series unique?

    Quickly and easily measure 3D/GD&T features and automatically create inspection reports with images right on the shop floor. The XM is portable through the use of a cart and doesn't require extra equipment like a granite table.

  • Interactive Augmented Reality Guidance

  • Measure Complex Figures

  • Compact and Portable CMM

  • Automatic Data Management

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