• XM-2000 Portable CMM

  • [NEW] Portable CMM

    The XM Series
    • Easy 3D/GD&T measurements
    • Portable and shop floor ready
    • Simplify and speed up inspections
    • Automatic inspection reports

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  • What makes the XM Series unique?

    Quickly and easily measure 3D/GD&T features and automatically create inspection reports with images right on the shop floor. The XM is portable through the use of a cart and doesn't require extra equipment like a granite table.

  • Benefits of a Portable CMM?

    The XM Series portability can save time and spending by allowing for your inspection process to be completed on the shop floor. This eliminates the down time of transferring to a quality lab as well as the cost of extra equipment such as a granite table.

  • Compact and Portable CMM

  • Measure Complex Figures

  • High Repeatability

  • Automatic Data Management

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