• Rewriting the Book on Vision Sensors with AI

    Vision Sensor with Built-in AI
    IV2 Series

  • With conventional vision sensors,
    a variety of factors can lead to false detections

    Reliable detection algorithm that factors in individual product differences, imaging environments, and backgrounds.

  • Optimal detection settings using AI

    Simply register an OK product and an NG product to automatically configure the optimal settings. With no user-based variations to worry about, stable detection can be ensured for all users.

  • Improved CMOS allows for Brighter Images, 
    Faster Processing  Speeds, and Increased Working Distances

    High-speed processing of images captured by the camera is possible thanks to the dedicated image processing IC built into the head and the high-performance CPU built into the amplifier. This not only enables faster and clearer imaging but also ensures stable detection over a wide field of view and at a distance from the target.

  • All-in-one ultra-compact sensor for worry-free installation

    The IV2 Series is the smallest device in its class. At about the same size as conventional sensors, this vision sensor can be installed virtually anywhere. Never worry about finding an installation location within limited space even when installing the IV2 Series as a replacement sensor or when retrofitting to a device.

For details, see the catalog.

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