• VK-X

  • Laser Microscopes vs. Interferometers

    • Measure over a 50 mm area with nanometer resolution
    • No data dropout on complex surfaces
    • Material and shape independent
    • Fully automated measurement & analysis
  • No Missing Data

    Interferometers suffer from data dropout on samples with steep or curved surfaces, causing users to make assumptions about their sample. The VK-X is able to capture data on near-vertical surfaces, enabling users to make informed decisions about their samples.

  • Color Imaging

    The VK-X captures full-focus, high-resolution images that cannot be achieved with an interferometer. Magnifications up to 28,000x can be attained, providing SEM-like resolution.

  • Material Independent

    White light interferometers struggle to capture data from transparent surfaces, or surfaces that do not easily reflect light. Laser microscopes are material independent, enabling data to be captured on mirrored, matte, or transparent materials.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Simply place your sample on the stage, click measure, and the VK-X1000 will automatically scan and measure your sample, with no sample prep or leveling required.

  • Interferometer Data Loss

  • VK-X Full Surface Data

  • Interferometer - Ink on Paper

  • VK-X - Ink on Paper

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Comparison Between A Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope & A White Light Interferometer

Comparison Between A Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope & A White Light Interferometer
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