• VR-5000 Series

  • Non-Contact Profilometer

    • Profile, roughness, and flatness measurements
    • Results in 1 second
    • No fixturing required
    • Fully automatic measurement & analysis
  • What is a non-contact profilometer?

    Non-contact profilometers can perform profile, roughness, and flatness measurements over a large area instantaneously, all without scratching or damaging the part.

  • Malleable Surfaces

    Soft plastic and rubber materials cannot be measured with contact profilometers, as the surface will deform when a force is applied. The VR-5000 does not contact the surface, so any surface can be accurately measured.

  • Line vs. Surface Data

    Profilometers are limited to capturing a single line of data, providing a limited data set for the user. The VR captures full surface data in 1 second, enabling users to understand their sample in more detail, and make more-informed decisions.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Simply place your part on the stage, click measure, and the VR-5000 will automatically scan and measure your sample. Our advanced analysis software will automatically analyze the data and take measurements. No more fixturing or sample prep required.

  • Steep Angle Measurements

  • Automatically Compare and Analyze Multiple Surfaces

  • Measure Uneven Surfaces

  • Measure Anywhere on the Surface


    KEYENCE has been an industry leader in sensing and measurement technologies since 1974. KEYENCE's direct sales team consults with customers and provides on-site demonstrations of equipment to find the best possible solution for any application.

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