• Part Presence Sensors

    • Easy 4-Step Set Up
    • Cost Effective
    • Multi-Purpose Sensor
    • Color - Presence
    • Shape - Orientation
    • Size - Sorting
  • How does a part presence sensor work?

    Clear images for inspection are captured with high-intensity illumination and high-performance lenses, which are standard equipment.

  • Why do people use part presence sensors?

    Part presence sensors are used for detecting the physical presence, color and/or shape of a part to determine if its ready for processing.

  • What separates the IV2 from other part presence sensors?

    With its first-in-class automatic focus, low distortion HP-Quad lens, and unique lighting attachments, the IV2 creates a stable, easily readable image every time.

  • Common Part Presence Sensor Applications:

    • Detect missing caps, lids or open containers
    • Detect missing or misapplied labels
    • Detect product abnormalities

  • Easy to use software

  • Shape Detection

  • Color Detection

  • Part Detection


    KEYENCE has been an industry leader in sensing technology since 1974. KEYENCE's direct sales team visits customers with live demo equipment to find the best possible solution for all applications.

Learn more about the IV2-Series Vision Sensor!


IV2 Series Vision Sensor with Built-in AI Catalog

IV2 Series Vision Sensor with Built-in AI Catalog
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