• Pattern Sensors

    • Quick one button teach
    • Multi-purpose sensor
    • Reliable detection
  • How does a pattern sensor work?

    A pattern sensor detects the shape, brightness, and orientation of a part to determine if the pattern matches what the sensor was taught.

  • Why do people use pattern sensors?

    Pattern sensors are used to confirm the presence of a part and differentiate parts by comparing their patterns.

  • What separates the AI from other pattern sensors?

    The AI provides reliable detection even in situations when the part position is inconsistent or reflections are unstable. This pattern sensor does not struggle where conventional sensors fail. Setup is also quick and simple with just the press of a button.

  • Common pattern sensor applications:

    • Label misalignment
    • Spring presence
    • Part orientation
    • Screw tap presence

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AI Series Pattern Matching Sensor Catalog

AI Series Pattern Matching Sensor Catalog
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