• How to effectively use Data Loggers for Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

    • What is predictive maintenance?
    • What are the differences between preventive and predictive maintenance?
    • What are some common applications utilizing Data Loggers with examples
  • Rotation Speed Monitoring for Conveyors

    Belt conveyors are driven by motors or other devices, and it is absolutely necessary to inspect such motors regularly to realize stable production. Insufficient maintenance will cause problems such as the seizure of bearings. 

  • Data collection for processing machine tool run-out and vibration

    Sensors are installed on processing machines to measure and record the run-out and vibration of tools. Through a comparison against data obtained during proper processing, it is possible to identify, for example, tool deterioration and tool chuck errors.

  • Trend monitoring or abnormal vibration

    If abnormal vibration is measured, quickly checking the relevant equipment is also effective for predictive maintenance, allowing measures to be taken before a breakdown actually occurs.

  • Flow rate measurement for liquids and gases

    Where flow rates are measured, instantaneous rate and accumulated flow rates need to be constantly monitored. If the flow should slow over time, an issue can be corrected before damage to expensive equipment occurs.


NR Series Data Logger Applications Useful at Worksites [Predictive Maintenance]

NR Series Data Logger Applications Useful at Worksites [Predictive Maintenance]
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