• Perfect for Height Difference Checks
    New Laser Sensor IX Series

    Identify the position of the target, measure the right spot, everytime

  • Position adjustment function

    Stable detection is possible without changing the position or orientation of the target. This real-time position correction eliminates the need for a jig or fixture to keep the target repeatable, saving time and money.

  • Easy, intuitive operation regardless of user

    The IX Series checks the height difference between two specified points. This continuous calculation of height difference enables stable detection even if the overall height of the target changes.

  • Tilt correction function

    When the sensor head or target is tilted, this function corrects the measured values. Exact heights can still be detected by registering a reference plane.

  • Simple, flexible installation

    With conventional models, one must design and manufacture equipment and jigs to fit the needs of the sensor. The IX Series adapts to your application, drastically reducing installation time and cost


IX Series Image-Based Laser Sensor Catalog

IX Series Image-Based Laser Sensor Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:7.97MB

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