• Static Electricity Visualization.
    Allows the User to See the Effects of the Static Elimination.

    Compact Fan Static Eliminator SJ-L Series

Visualization light and highly visible indicator
Electrostatic charge visualization

  • Uneasiness due to not being able to see static electricity.
    Inability to determine how effective static electricity elimination is.

    The SJ-L Series is equipped with a light on the front that enables visualization of static electricity, and a highly visible indicator on the back, making it possible for users to quickly determine from any angle how charged an object is.

    Prevent trouble caused by static electricity and easily confirm operation at startup.

Small yet powerful

  • The SJ-L Series embodies a compact, palm-sized design.
    The SJ-L Series uses proprietary technology to provide high-speed static electricity elimination even in an ultra-compact body size.
    Despite this compact size, the device offers high functionality, including impressive static electricity elimination capabilities and no need for an air supply.

  • Ultra-compact at 1/5 the size of conventional types

    Its small size also allows it to be installed anywhere. The small size of the SJ-L Series means it can be mounted even in narrow places or easily retrofitted onto equipment.

  • Maintain static electricity elimination capabilities with no need for an air supply

    Equipped with an ultra-compact custom fan capable of being incorporated even in compact bodies. The eliminator itself can generate airflow so there is no need to supply air from a compressor.

  • Easy installation virtually anywhere

    Dedicated mounting brackets make installation simple and quick. Use these brackets for easy installation with no need to manufacture a jig.

For details, download the catalog below.

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