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  • VR-6000 3D Optical Profiler

    The VR-6000 fills in the gap in the metrology market by combining the capabilities of six different measurement tools into a single device. 

    Not only can this device capture a dense set of data across an entire surface (786,000 points per square inch, over a maximum range of 6” x 12” area) but it can also be used for CAD compare for visualizing and measuring differences.

    With the VR-Series, accurate and repeatable measurements can be taken in seconds simply by placing a part on the stage and clicking a single button. The system automatically sets the measurement range and conditions, ensuring accurate measurements without variations between users.

    The latest model features a built-in motorized rotational unit allowing users to take 3D measurements around the circumference of their part without having to worry about blind spots. Wall thickness, undercuts, and cross-sectional measurements can now be taken without cutting or destroying the target and full surface data can be captured with 0.1-micron resolution.

  • VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler

    The VK-X3000 allows users to capture 3D measurements with sub-nanometer resolution, even on materials that are transparent, matte, or have curved/steep slopes. 

    By incorporating three different measurement methods: focus variation, laser confocal scanning, and white light interferometry, the system enables high-accuracy measurement and analysis to be performed on any target. 

    Since the system was designed to be easy-to-use, anyone is able to capture accurate surface data at the click of a button. The VK Series can automatically adjust to the optimum settings and accurately measure profiles, roughness, and film thickness of an entire surface.

    Typically, users would need at least three different measurement systems to capture accurate data ranging from the millimeters to micrometers and nanometers , but the VK-X3000's triple scan approach allows for nearly any target to be measured with one system, no matter the material or shape.


VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalog

VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:6.88MB

VK-X3000 Series 3D Surface Profiler Catalog

VK-X3000 Series 3D Surface Profiler Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:6.45MB

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