• Reading codes on rotors with hairline grooves

    Rotors are marked with 2D codes right after coming out of the press, and the 2D codes are read to check the marking. Rotors are manufactured by pressing hundreds of thin steel plates to make a cylindrical product. 2D codes are printed on the side of the cylinders to manage the serial numbers of the key safety components. Because a rotor is cylindrical laminated steel, fine grooves like hairlines exist on the surface where the 2D codes are printed, which makes reading difficult.

    The SR-2000 can reliably read these 2D codes thanks to its 3.5 times greater brightness and high sensitivity CMOS sensor.
  • Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader
    SR-2000 Series

    Obtain a wider field of view and greater depth of field at a longer range. Work as fast as the targets can move. No experience is required to master the SR-2000 Series. Just install the reader for vastly improved reading range and achieve even better reading stability.

Learn more about the SR-2000 Series to improve production at your facility!

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