• Slide Scanning Microscope

    Publication-quality imaging system with built-in darkroom for analyzing slides, dishes, flasks, and microtiter plates. Capabilities include:

    • Imaging in fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast 

    • Rapid scanning of multiple slides in high-resolution 

    • Automated XYZ stitching of large histology sections

    • Easy to set up and operate

  • Publication-Quality Images

    A highly-sensitive, cooled CCD camera eliminates background noise and captures clear high-resolution images fit for publication. The system goes beyond the capabilities of conventional widefield microscopes by providing confocal-like image quality.

  • High-Speed, Whole Slide Imaging

    A high-speed motorized stage is able to quickly scan multiple slides and capture high-resolution images. With improved image quality and data over conventional slide scanners, users are able to better analyze their specimens.

  • Automated Quantification

    Accurately quantify results of images captured in fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast. Save settings and batch-process the results for user-independent, repeatable quantification.

  • Repeatable, Reproducible Results

    Capture conditions are saved with each image for repeatable observation throughout the course of an experiment. Load any image to automatically reproduce results.

  • Multi-Color Fluorescence

  • Large Area XY Stitching

  • Automated Quantification

  • High-Resolution Imaging

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