• High Speed, Sensing Static Eliminators

    • High-Speed Static Elimination
    • High-Precision Ion Balance
    • The best maintenance-saving performance in the industry (5x less required maintenance than conventional models)
  • Static elimination in the coating process of bumpers

  • Prevent foreign material adhesion between heat seal layers

  • Defect prevention in the offset printing process

  • Defect prevention of adhesive painting on cardboard

  • Ultra-High Speed, Sensing Ionizers

    Using the KEYENCE-designed Pulse A.C. and I.C.C. elimination methods, SJ-series static eliminators sense the static charge on the target and emit counteracting charges automatically to achieve uniform static elimination at high speeds. In addition, KEYENCE static eliminators are equipped with the best maintenance features in the industry, reducing maintenance time by up to five times compared to conventional models.

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