• Reading Codes Over Varnish on Stator Rims

    2D codes printed on the rim of a stator cannot be read from directly above because the winding is in the way. On top of that, the coded area is covered with varnish for insulation.
    This varnish causes glare that prevents code reading, but the automatic polarization effect of the SR-2000 offers stable reading even under these difficult conditions.
  • Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader
    SR-2000 Series

    Obtain a wider field of view and greater depth of field at a longer range. Work as fast as the targets can move. No experience is required to master the SR-2000 Series. Just install the reader for vastly improved reading range and achieve even better reading stability.

Learn more about the SR-2000 Series to improve production at your facility!

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