• Stereoscopic Microscopes   

    Probably the most general form of an optical microscope, these systems are great for low magnification but suffer from shallow depth-of-field, require an additional light source, and most can not take photos of your samples.

    The new VHX digital microscope provides you with a system that can overcome the limitations of Stereoscopic, Electron, Metallurgical, and Measuring microscopes.

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  • What is a digital microscope?

    Digital microscopes incorporate observation, image capture, and measurement capabilities while providing an on-screen interface for viewing objects.

  • Why use digital microscopes?

    Digital microscopes provide more information and are easier-to-use when compared to conventional imaging and measurement systems, which allows users to make better decisions in less time.

  • Digital microscope advantages?

    Large depth of field, real-time 2D measurements can be performed and profile, height, and volume data on 3D images can be obtained.

  • What makes the KEYENCE microscope unique?

    Any user, regardless of their experience, can now obtain high-quality, fully-focused images in an instant and dramatically reduce inspection tim

  • Large Depth-of-field

  • Image with Unprecedented Clarity and Texture

  • Real-time Measurement

  • Visualize Surfaces in 3D

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