• FL Series Liquid Level Sensor

  • Tank Level Sensor - FL Series

    • Completely eliminates false detection
    • Unaffected by foam, bubbles, vapor, etc.
    • Build-up resistant & maintenance free
  • New Guide Pulse Technology

    This is a new generation of level sensing that eliminates all factors of false detection that were problems with conventional level sensors.

  • Senses Any Liquid

    The unique algorithm for liquid level detection allows for monitoring of every type of liquid including chemicals and consumables.

  • Ignores the Environment 

    Ripples, foam, vapor, and rust once stood as issues for liquid level sensors, but not with the FL Series.

  • Build-Up Resistant

    Build-up is no longer an issue with the innovative design of the FL Series.


FL Series Sensing Guide Pulse Level Sensor Catalog

FL Series Sensing Guide Pulse Level Sensor Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:3.62MB

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