View, Capture, and Measure with Just One Device


    • 4K Resolution
    • Fully-Focused Images at Any Magnification
    • Multi-Angle Observation
    • Easy-to-Use Interface
    • Advanced 2D and 3D Measurements

    See how the VHX digital microscope is revolutionizing microscopy!
  • Wide Range of Magnification

    With our lenses, the magnification ranges from 0.1x to 5000x. Users are also able to choose between different lighting options with our lenses. 

  • Automatic 

    Instantly create reports containing those images by installing Microsoft Word or Excel. The capture date, lens, and magnification information is recorded automatically.

  • High Resolution 

    Even novice users will be able to easily capture high resolution images with the VHX. The easy-to-use interface allows anyone to capture images and analyze results.

  • KEYENCE continues to develop highly advanced, easy-to-use microscopes, all based on customer feedback and market needs. Since KEYENCE is a direct sales network, your local microscope specialist will be able to provide on-site demonstrations, sample testing, phone and on-site support. 


VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalog

VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:10.76MB

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