• LK-G5000 Laser Displacement Sensor


    • Built in tools for displacement, velocity, and acceleration
    • Highest accuracy in its class
    • 392kHz sampling rate
  • How does the sensor work?

    The LK-G5000 is a laser triangulation sensor that calculates distance to its target using a CMOS chip and a known angle.

  • Why is sampling speed important?

    Sampling speed is a critical component for accurately capturing a target’s motion.

    When measuring a part vibrating at 2kHz, more data points can be collected per cycle at higher sampling speeds. This results in a more accurate curve.

  • What types of targets can be measured?

    The sensor uses advanced optics to get stable readings from virtually any surface including rubber, metal, and transparent targets.

  • Position monitoring

  • Glass vibration

  • Disc-rotor run-out


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