• NEW WI-5000
    Real Time 3D Measurement

    • 80,000 points of data in 0.13 seconds
    • 3D image without dead zones
    • High accuracy Z-axis measurements
    • Measure any surface type
  • How does the 3D sensor work?

    The WI-5000 uses spectral interference to collect 80,000 points of height data to capture accurate 3D images in 0.13 seconds, without moving the part.

  • Why do people use this technology?

    The sensor simplifies the inspection process by making it easier to capture and record measurements from a 3D image.  It can be incorporated into production or used as an inspection station.

  • What can real time 3D sensors do?

    Using the 3D image, the sensor can measure many aspects, from height difference and width, all the way to planarity and volume.

  • What materials can be measured?

    The WI-5000 can accurately image almost any material type including metal, rubber, and glass.

  • Flatness

  • BGA Planarity

  • Solder Height and Volume

  • Bent Pins

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WI-5000 Series 3D Interference Measurement Sensor Catalog

WI-5000 Series 3D Interference Measurement Sensor Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:3.18MB

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