• Wire and Cable Printing

    • Identification number, date code, logo, etc. on your wiring and cable applications using an industrial inkjet printer
    • World's First Self-Cleaning Print Head
    • Simple User Operation
    • Step-by-Step Guided Maintenance.
  • Black Ink

  • White Ink

  • Yellow Ink

  • Small Character Black Ink

NEW! Keyence MK-U series Inkjet Printer
User Peace of Mind
High Print Quality
Easy Maintenance

  • Manual cleaning is required with conventional inkjet printers which exposes your operator to solvents.

    Keyence's continuous inkjet printer completely cleans the inside of the print head with the push of a button using the auto-shower cleaning feature. This also helps to reduce downtime on your wire and cable lines.

  • One-Touch Nozzle Replacement

    The main cause of problems with inkjet printers is clogging of the nozzle. With the MK-U series, a nozzle can be replaced in a few seconds without using any tools, to minimize downtime of high speed wire and cable production line.

  •   User-Performed Maintenance

    Maintenance is easy to understand and perform. Even previously unseen errors, accurate maintenance can be performed by simply following the on-screen instructions.

  • Easy Operation

    This screen displays the internal status of the device at a glance, which provides the user with peace of mind. An intuitive interface makes all of the system functionality accessible to the most novice users.


MK-U Series Universal Inkjet Printer Catalog

MK-U Series Universal Inkjet Printer Catalog

  • [File type]PDF:3.17MB

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