The exceptional power of a fiber laser enables deeper engraving and better contrast.

3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker
MD-F Series

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50 W/30 W power output and 3-Axis Control

Marking comparison each time settings are output
Depth corresponding to the time per output *These are representative values. They will vary depending on the material and marking conditions.

In addition to the 30 W model, a 50 W model with best-in-class output has been added to our lineup.
This greatly contributes to improvements in takt, productivity, and quality.
Furthermore, the focal distance can be controlled to achieve marking that perfectly fits a wide variety of shapes.
Rather than just supporting step height changes, this enables clear, crisp marking on nearly any shape.

Customized scanner control for different applications

The optimal laser scanning can be selected to match the application.
Minimizing the energy that is lost after the target is exposed to the laser leads to major improvements in takt and quality.

For black-annealed marking (wobble control)

Enables distinct black-annealed marking without swelling or cracks.

Deep engraving

High visibility is guaranteed even if painting is performed after marking.

Cutting (scratch) control

Processing can be performed in less time, so target deformations due to heat are reduced.

Compact, fanless marking head
with IP64 rating

[Waterproof connectors for environmental resistance],[Completely sealed]

The MD-F Series provides high power output in a compact design.
The natural air-cooled system offers a completely sealed, fanless structure.
The internal components of the MD-F Series are not affected by hazardous elements such as dirt, dust, water, and oil mist. This gives the MD-F Series environmental resistance that allows for stable operation, even in the harshest manufacturing environments.

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