Clear marking on resin and darker black marking on metal

3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker
MD-X Series

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01 Marks both resin and metal! A versatile laser marker that provides both quality and power

  • Distinct high-contrast marking without damaging the surface of the target

  • High-speed marking of 2D codes

  • Distinct, distortion-free marking even on targets that are not flat surfaces

  • Distinct black-annealed marking without swelling or cracks

With conventional laser markers, it is necessary to select a YVO4 laser if you need high quality and a fiber laser if you need high power.
The MD-X Series hybrid laser is KEYENCE-original technology that has the advantages of both of these methods.
It can perform optimal marking and processing on various targets from delicate marking on resin to high-output marking on metal.

02 Supports Auto-Focus marking! Detects missing or floating targets

The MD-X Series is equipped with 3-Axis Control and a built-in camera, which enables Auto-Focus marking without the use of external equipment. Changes in target height can be tracked, enabling marking without any drops in quality.
Furthermore, an error can be output when the set threshold is exceeded. The detection of missing or floating products not only prevents marking defects but problems in post processing as well.

[NG]Error output:Missing product,Product set incorrectly[OK]Auto-Focus marking

03 Advanced marking confirmation Built-in multi-function camera


KEYENCE manufactures both laser markers and code readers, focusing their attention on providing systems for tracking and traceability.
The MD-X Series laser marker has a built in 2D code reader and verifier to accurately mark and check 2D codes without using a separate device.

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