3D Laser Scanning Microscope
NEW3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
VK-X Series



  • Possible damage to sample
  • Hard to target desired measurement location
  • Resolution limited to diameter of stylus tip



  • Sharp angles cannot be measured
  • Target needs to be level
  • No color-based observation



  • Vacuum required
  • Coating or other preprocessing required
  • No color-based observation

Difficult to use

Fully automated measurement

The VK-X Series enables precision measurement for all operators.

  • New algorithm
    RPDII / AI Scanning
  • Just place and click
  • No leveling or special skills required

Non-contact laser-based measurement

  • No damage to targets
  • Instantaneous measurement of target area
  • Accurate measurement of steep angles
  • Measure across a 50 mm (1.97") area with nanometer resolution

High-definition full-color observation

  • High-resolution images that rival those of SEMs
  • Color observations at up to 28800×

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