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Wide-Area 3D Measurement
System – VR-3000

  • Non-contact 3D measurement in as little as 4 seconds
  • Measure areas up to 100 mm x 200 mm
  • Place and press operation eliminates user error
  • Compare directly to CAD files

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VR-3000 Series
  • What is the VR-3000?

    The VR-3000 is a non-contact 3D measurement system that is able to measure wide areas quickly and accurately. It’s perfect for measuring profile, roughness, flatness, wear volume, or comparing 3D scan data to CAD files and determining if a part is good or bad.
  • Why the VR-3000?

    Conventional 3D measurement tools have limited viewing areas and require significant time and effort to properly measure a surface. With the VR-3000, the user places their sample on the stage, clicks measure, and receives 3D measurements in seconds, even on complex surfaces and wide areas. Fast, easy, and simple.
  • How does the VR-3000 work?

    The VR-3000 emits structured light through several double-telecentric lenses to reduce distortion and receive the most accurate data possible. Distortions in the light bands caused by height differences are converted to height using triangulation. The high-accuracy CMOS sensor also allows for a full color imaging.
  • 3D Measurements in

  • Multiple Telecentric
    Lenses for High

  • Accurate 3D
    Measurements on
    Complex Surfaces

  • Waviness and Warpage

  • Easy-to-use Analyzer



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