New Product Bulletin

Image Dimension Measurement System
IM-7000 Series

The Next Generation
Optical Comparator

Instant Measurement System

  • 4× the Measurement Volume

    The newly developed high-speed and high-precision stage offers a measurement field of view that is 200 × 200 mm 7.87 × 7.87" in size. Due to the high speed of the stage, twice the field of view can be measured at three times the speed of previous generations.

    Measure taller parts

    Innovations in the structures of the stage system and lens unit have dramatically improved support for the measurement of tall targets.

  • Measure Dimensions at Specified Heights

    Accurately measure dimensions previously impossible with vision systems

    The newly developed light probe unit has a deep-set shape and rounded corners that allow for easy and accurate measurement even of targets with shapes and processing states that made them difficult to measure for measurement systems using conventional images.

  • "Place-and-Press" Inspection

    After placing the part on the stage, just press the button and in just 3 seconds you will receive 99 measurements on up to 100 parts with an OK/NG judgment, significantly reducing quality inspection time.

  • Eliminate Operator Error

    Utilizing the IM Series' advanced optical design technology and high-speed image processing technology, measurements are now consistent regardless of who's operating the system.

    Just open the program, place the part, press the measure button, and the system will automatically remember the dimensions that need to be measusred, illumination conditions, and automatically focus the part.

  • Automatic Data Recording and Inspection Reports

    The IM Series isn't just used for measuring parts - it automatically records and saves results as the measurement is performed.

    Complete inspection and analysis reports automatically on the system without having to manually record the data by hand.

Be sure to download
the catalog for details.

You can also contact us at:1-888-KEYENCE

Download the catalog here.

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