Work that used to take 5 minutes reduced
to just
3 seconds!
Automatic Measurement that
Defies Conventional Wisdom

With this innovative measurement system, just place and press!
Obtain results without the need for positioning, focus adjustment, or stage adjustment.

Measure up to 100 objects in 99 locations all at once in as little as 3 seconds!

IM Series Image Dimension Measurement
Case studies download Examples of IM introduction in 44 countries

What is the IM Series?

The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System is a digital optical comparator that performs dimensional inspection of targets through “place-and-press” measurement. With the ability to measure up to 99 locations in just seconds, the IM Series greatly reduces both time spent measuring and labor costs. With other optical comparators and measuring microscopes, measurements vary depending on the skill of the operator. However, the IM Series' advanced digital processing makes it possible to get reliable results no matter who carries out the measurement.


Benefits of Choosing the IM Series

Drastically Reduced Measurement Time

Measurement requires only placing a target on the stage and pressing the measurement start button. This simple operation enables hundreds of features to be measured in seconds, leading to significant reduction in time required for dimension measurement.

Drastically Reduced Measurement Time

Eliminating Operator Error

The location and orientation of a target are automatically adjusted and measurement is performed using the specified points. Manual operations, which used to cause measurement differences are not required such as measurement point selection, edge alignment, and focus adjustment.

Eliminating Operator Error

Case studies download Examples of IM introduction in 44 countries

Measurement Example

  • Metal processed parts
    Metal processed parts
  • Resin molded parts
    Resin molded parts
  • Electronic components
    Electronic components
  • Cutting processed parts
    Cutting processed parts
  • Molded connector
    Molded connector
  • spring
Case studies download Examples of IM introduction in 44 countries