High-accuracy contact sensors
with customizable inspection software

High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor GT2 series

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Easy direct connection to a PC via USB

Simply connect the sensor directly to a PC to start measurement.
Custom visual measurement monitor and data management capabilities.

Dedicated software for simple designing

Simply connect to a PC and start the software.

Easy connection and easy configuration

All connected sensors are automatically identified, allowing measurement to begin right away.

Displayable items: Measured value, Calculated value, Total judgment result, Separate judgment result, Bar graph, Externally captured image

Simple customization for immediate visualization

Arrange images, measured values, judgment results, and other elements as desired.

Easy editing through “Real-time Excel transmission”

Centrally manage data in any custom template.

Reasons to choose KEYENCE's GT2 Series contact sensors

  • Impressive durability

    Dustproof, waterproof, and oil-resistant
    with an ultra-long service life of over
    150 million cycles

  • Multiple communication
    protocols supported

    DeviceNet, CC-Link, RS-232C, BCD

  • Same-day shipping

    Eligible for shipping the day
    an order is placed

Download here.


GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor Catalog

GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor Catalog
  • [File type]PDF:10.35MB

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