High-Precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface NEW Confocal Displacement Sensor CL-3000 Series

Ultra-compact coaxial head for installation even in
tight spaces

The CL-3000 Series features a lineup of ultra-compact sensor heads, including one only φ8 mm in size. Meaurement in previously impossible installation locations, parallel installation and other difficult on-machine applications are now possible.

[Conventional laser displacement sensor][ø8mm ø0.31" Compact Head]Size versus conventional units 1/50th

[Conventional Unit][CL-3000 Series]

Run-out measurement of a roll coater

No influence from
heat or electrical noise

Since the lens is the only part inside the head, it is not impacted by heat, electrical noise or other error-producing sources not listed in the specifications.

Sensor head 10 minutes after powering on

Conventional laser displacement sensor[+8℃(14.4℉)]

CL-3000 Series[+0℃(0℉)]

Accurate on curved,
uneven and rough surfaces

The CL-3000 series' wide angle opening, combined with the coaxial multi-color confocal method, allow accurate measurement on curved or angled targets where only small amounts of light are reflected back from the target. Measurements are taken vertically on all surfaces so the measurement point remains in a consistent location. It also prevents dead angles on step heights or uneven surfaces.

[Conventional Unit][CL-3000 Series]

Exceptional angle characteristics
even on glossy surfaces

Measurement is possible even
with partial received light

[Displacement (mm inch)], [Position(mm inch)]

Easy optical-axis alignment function for high-accuracy double-sided thickness measurement

The CL-3000 Series comes with a dedicated jig and
optical-axis alignment function. This ensures precise optical axis alignment for even higher precision during measurement.

Application Examples

  • Thickness

  • Run-out

  • Height

More information can be found in the catalog.
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